Software Quality Assurance

Safety Software is defined to include the following:
1. Safety System Software. Software for a nuclear facility that performs a safety function as part of a structure, system, or component and is cited in either (a) a DOE approved documented safety analysis or (b) an approved hazard analysis per DOE P 450.4, Safety Management System Policy, dated 10-15-96, and the DEAR clause. 
2. Safety and Hazard Analysis Software and Design Software. Software that is used to classify, design, or analyze nuclear facilities. This software is not part of a structure, system, or component (SSC) but helps to ensure the proper accident or hazards analysis of nuclear facilities or an SSC that performs a safety function. 
3. Safety Management and Administrative Controls Software. Software that performs a hazard control function in support of nuclear facility or radiological safety management programs or technical safety requirements or other software that performs a control function necessary to provide adequate protection from nuclear facility or radiological hazards. This software supports eliminating, limiting, or mitigating nuclear hazards to workers, the public, or the environment as addressed in 10 CFR 83010 CFR 835, and the DEAR ISMS clause.‚Äč