Working Groups


 Biosafety (BWG)
The Biosafety Working Group was formed in late 2004 to examine issues associated primarily with biosafety-related consequence assessment and protective actions at DOE and NNSA sites. The working group also provides a forum for the DOE Biosafety community  to share concerns, ideas, and best practices on issues related to all aspects of biosafety.
Chemical Exposures (CEWG)
The Chemical Exposures Working Group pre-dates SCAPA. It was originally established under the Department of Energy (DOE) Dose Assessment subcommittee (SCAPA’s predecessor) to make recommendations pertaining to the analysis of the hazards associated with chemicals.
Chemical Mixtures (CMWG)
The Chemical Mixtures Working Group was established in 1994 to develop methodology for emergency planning and analysis of exposures to mixtures of materials accidentally released from DOE facilities.
Consequence Assessment Modeling (CAMWG)
The Consequence Assessment Modeling (CAM) Working Group has been established to provide technical guidance to the DOE and the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) community to matters related to environmental transport and dispersion, resuspension, uptake, and other technical aspects associated with consequence assessment modeling.
Source Term (STWG)
The Source Term Working Group examines issues related to source term characterization in support of emergency preparedness and response applications. This working group is involved in addressing issues related to radiological, chemical, biological, and nanotechnology source materials.​