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Your EDMS password must meet the following complexity requirements:
At least 1 lowercase letter.
At least 1 uppercase letter.
At least 1 number.
At least 1 special character.
Be at least 8 characters in length.
Can not include the local part of your email address. For example in, MyName is the local part and cannot be in your password.

Upon submission of this form a verification email will be sent the address provided above. Once verified, your account request will be submitted for review and you may be contacted for additional information. You will be notified by email when the review is complete and you will receive instructions for the next steps.

EDMS User Code of Conduct

The NA-40 Enterprise SharePoint Portal is for the exclusive use of our nation's emergency responders. By agreeing to the terms of this Code of Conduct, I understand the responsibilities I have accepted as a General User of the NA-40 Enterprise SharePoint Portal.

I acknowledge that, at a minimum, I shall:

  1. Access only the data, control information, and software for which I am authorized access and have a need-to-know.
  2. Not redistribute information acquired from this SharePoint Portal without approval of the Site Owner.
  3. Protect my password.
  4. Immediately report the following to the Site Owner or the NA-40 Support Team:
    1. All security incidents and potential threats and vulnerabilities involving the information system.
    2. Any compromise or suspected compromise of my password.
  5. Immediately inform the appropriate Site Owner or NA-40 Support Team when access to SharePoint is no longer required.
  6. Comply with all DOE/NNSA and system-specific rules and regulations governing the secure operation and authorized use of the information system.
  7. Use the NA-40 Enterprise SharePoint Portal only for official government business.
  8. Understand the provisions of the SharePoint log-on banner, which outlines the privacy/security expectations of using a government computer system.

As a General User of the NA-40 Enterprise SharePoint Portal, I further acknowledge I shall not:

  1. Introduce malicious code into any information system or physically damage the system.
  2. Attempt to bypass, strain, or test security mechanisms.
  3. Introduce or use unauthorized software, firmware, or hardware.
  4. Share my password or access authorization with others.
  5. Assume the roles and privileges of others and/or attempt to gain access to information for which I have no authorization.