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CUI Disclosure​

The EDMS infrastructure provides for a broad range of capabilities designed to significantly enhance the productivity and collaboration of the NNSA staff. Those capabilities include a means of controlling access of other users to your documents and data. Although the EDMS does not contain CLASSIFIED information, it does process and store UNCLASSIFIED sensitive data which is only available to users with a need to know. You are to use those SharePoint access permission capabilities to manage use and access to your documents and data. Employing those permission capabilities ensure secure use by other users with a need to know.


To assist you in managing sensitive documents and data, DOE has designated certain data as Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). CUI is unclassified information requiring safeguarding and dissemination controls mandated by statute or policy. Examples of such information within DOE include Official Use Only (OUO), Export Controlled Information (ECI), Unclassified Controlled Nuclear Information (UCNI), unclassified Naval Nuclear Propulsion Information (U-NNPI), Source Selection Information and protected Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Within DOE other terms have been used, such as Unclassified Controlled Information (UCI) and Sensitive Unclassified Information (SUI), to refer to information that warrants protection as CUI. If you have documents and data with associated CUI markings on SharePoint, you are required to control access using SharePoint access permission controls.

Within SharePoint you implement document and data permissions by restricting or managing permissions at the site, library or document level. Specific EDMS procedures:

  1. CUI can be posted within any area of EDMS or EMI SIG Portal as designated by the blue security banner.

  2. CUI can not be posted to the EMI SIG Public portal.

  3. If a completely new site or library needs to be created to capture additional data that will also need to be controlled or have restricted access, then the permissions will be managed at the site or library level.

  4. The email containing CUI documents downloaded from EDMS should be encrypted.

  5. For directions on how to establish permissions, contact

  6. For reference, the following DOE directives provide CUI policy, requirements, and procedures:

  • Executive Order 13556, Controlled Unclassified Information
  • DOE O 471.1B, Identification and Protection of Unclassified Controlled Nuclear Information
  • DOE O 471.3, Admin Chg 1,Identifying and Protecting Official Use Only Information
  • DOE M 471.3-1,Admin Chg 1, Manual for Identifying and Protecting Official Use Only Information
  • DOE O 475.2B, Identifying Classified Information
  • Powerpedia:
  • Point of Contact for the EDMS Security​

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