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Tips for successful login via OneID

1. If you create an account in, use the same government email address you use for your EDMS account, if possible. This will prevent EDMS from seeing you as a new user and creating a new EDMS account.

2. If the email address associated with you PIV is not the same as the email address used for your EDMS account, a new account will be created. You will then need to open your EDMS profile, update your personal information, and resubscribe to your subcommittees.

3. We have found some errors in the information passed to EDMS from OneID. If you get the message that a new account has been created and you used the same email address previously associated with you EDMS account, contact the Data Manager at


Scott Stoudenmire

Getting Started:

To get started, your organization (exercise design team) will need to request the creation of an organization within the Exercise Manager 9 environment.  There are several key points that need to be addressed.

1.     Your design team will need to decide who will manage your EM9 organization.  We recommend keeping two active Organization Managers, but one can get you started.  Having too many managers may get confusing. The organization manager has permission to “manage" the rest of the organization and can add additional team members with “Manage", “Edit", and “Read" permissions.

2.     Choose a name for your organization.  This will be the name that is displayed on your organization's home page.

3.     Determine the abbreviation you will use for your organization.

4.     Determine an appropriate logo for your organization.  This is not absolutely required but will help your organization team members easily know where they are.

Then send an email to with the following information:​

David Waldron